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Rand College opened its doors at the start of 2004. Our first Grade 12 group, writing the IEB exam, wrote their finals in 2008. 2014 Marked our 10th year and we are incredibly proud of the achievements of our pupils, both past and present!

Under the leadership of Mr Harris, students are expected to work hard and display impecable manners and behaviour. Students are expected to produce work of a high standard and the staff work exceptionally hard to ensure that our children are ready for the NSC examinations at the end of Grade 12.

Rand College is registered with IEB for the Grade 12 certificates.

Rand College offers up to two classes of a maximum of 24 pupils in each grade.

The school boasts a wide range of subjects for learners in Grades 10 to 12. We offer two additional languages at First Language level. Learners wishing to study Portuguese or French can join the classes offered by private tutors in the afternoons. The school caters for university admission to most of the major degrees.

Children have access to most sporting codes, including the mainstream sports of Athletics, Soccer and Netball.